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Christmas pajamas and hot cocoa on Christmas Eve, caroling for neighbors and family, attending the church Christmas program, making homemade ornaments and driving around looking at the Christmas lights are just a few of the Christmas traditions we have in our family. My kids are all teens and twenty-somethings now, but they all still come alive with joy when it’s time to celebrate the season once again.

The Christmas season is a wonderful time to reflect on the joy, love, and deep meaning that Christmas traditions bring into our lives. These traditions, steeped in both fun and faith, aren’t just activities—they’re beautiful expressions of our family values and beliefs, creating lasting memories and reinforcing the true spirit of Christmas. I’m sure you all have your own favorite family traditions, but why not add some new fun traditions that might just stick and be enjoyed for many years to come. Here are a few ideas:

Cultural Christmas Journey & Journey Through the Nativity

Why not travel the world from your living room or take a deeper look at the Nativity story? Each week of December, explore how different cultures celebrate Christmas, focusing on their traditional festive foods, music, and customs. Alongside the cultural journey, dive into the Nativity story, discussing its historical and spiritual significance, and maybe even creating a Nativity scene at home that grows each week.

Activity Idea: Cook a traditional dish from each country, and discuss the part of the Nativity story you’re exploring that week while you eat together.

DIY Advent Learning Cards & Advent Wreath and Devotionals

Transform your advent calendar into a learning and faith-filled journey. Create DIY advent cards with fun facts, riddles, and small experiments, or use this time for daily prayer and reflection with an Advent wreath. Each card or candle lighting can be a moment to reflect on scripture and the wonders of God’s creation.

Activity Idea: Let your kiddos design the cards or lead the daily devotional, encouraging both creativity and spiritual growth.

Read-a-thon by the Christmas Tree & Christmas Carols Sing-Along

Gather around the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree for a weekly read-a-thon with Christmas-themed books or have a sing-along with your favorite Christmas carols. Discuss the meaning behind the songs and stories, deepening your understanding and appreciation of the season.

Activity Idea: Include books and songs from different cultures to enhance your global Christmas journey.

God’s Creation Christmas Decor

Turn nature walks into a Christmas activity by collecting items for homemade decorations, teaching children about the flora of your region.

Activity Idea: Use your nature-made decorations in your home and give some away as gifts.

Charitable Acts of Kindness & Christmas Blessings Jar

Incorporate the spirit of giving and gratitude into your routine. Plan acts of kindness and encourage children to write down blessings or moments where they received or gave acts of kindness and add them to a jar. On Christmas Day, reflect on these acts and blessings, celebrating the abundant love and grace in your lives.

Activity Idea: Share your blessings jar with extended family as a way to witness the impact of God’s love.

Hopefully these ideas will get the wheels spinning and help you to find some unique ways to celebrate Christmas while enriching both your family’s educational journey and their faith. As you light the candles, decorate your homes, and share in these activities, may your Christmas be filled with joy, learning, and the peace of Christ’s love.

Christmas sure came quickly this year!! At least it feels that way when everywhere you turn there are signs of Christmas all around, yet we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet. It seems the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year. It IS the most wonderful time of the year after all, so why not celebrate for as long as we can, right?!

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