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Farm Animal and Garden Themed Valentines Free Printable

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your family and friends how much they mean to you. And with this free printable set of Farm Themed Valentines, it couldn’t be easier! One of our local homeschool groups is having a valentine's swap, and these will be perfect...

Printable Thanksgiving Conversation Starter Cards PLUS a Giveaway

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and lots of delicious food. But it can also be a little awkward if you don't know what to talk about. These printable Thanksgiving conversation starter cards will help get the conversation going! Just print them out and put...

Homeschool Activity: What Can I Plant Now? PLUS a $200 Giveaway

Everyone knows that with spring comes spring planting. You can plant all kinds of things in March, April or May and have plenty of time for a great harvest. Once summer is nearing the end, however, it becomes a little more confusing. So many vegetables just can not...

Homeschool Handicraft DIY Loofah Soap PLUS Homeschool Giveaway

Two years ago I decided to plant some loofah squash in my garden. I just planted about 8 seeds, and was going to try to make sponges once they grew. We had a great harvest of loofah that year, but the next year I decided not to do any. HOWEVER, they came back as...

Pretend Play Flower Shop Printables

Have your kiddos ever wanted to run their own lemonade stand or something similar? How about their own flower shop? This would make for a super fun indoor rainy day activity or for some wonderful outside play. They could even pick their own flowers and use them to...

Welcome to the farm.

We are so happy that you have come to visit our little corner of the internet.  Here on the farm we are raising all kinds of things like goats, pigs, chickens, food plus our six kiddos.  I hope you will be encouraged, educated, and maybe entertained with our crazy adventures.

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